Mega Raffle

The 2020 Great Futures Mega Raffle is underway now. Entrants have the chance to win a selection of great prizes each month.

Purchase your Mega Raffle Ticket now for 15 chances to Win Big!

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Raffle Details and Rules

--Tickets are $100 a piece
--Early Bird Drawing is December 18. 
--A third Early Bird drawing is December 19 at the Hegg Concert.
--One ticket gets you into each monthly drawing (12 months).
--Tickets purchased on or before Dec. 18 are entered into two early bird drawings plus one drawn at the Hegg Concert.
--Each ticket holder gets two 'bonus' tickets. You may select your favorite prizes and have an additional chance in those 2 months.
--Wining tickets are put back into the hat for the remaining drawings.
--Drawings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
--3 finalists are drawn on the radio in the morning.  The prize winner is announced at noon.
--What are the odds?  There are 500 tickets available.  Last year roughly 225 tickets were sold. 
--All prizes are valued around $600 or less to avoid a 1099 form.
--Because sponsors have donated the prizes, 100% of the ticket sales proceeds go toward operating the Club.

Click the image below to view a full size PDF of the Mega Raffle poster: 

Mega Raffle header image

A special thank you to all of our sponsors!

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